Volume 1, Issue 2
December 2004


All the hard grind of the recent Sales Conference at Shoal Bay has certainly paid off. (Only those Sales and Marketing staff who attended can know and understand just how physically and mentally demanding the conference was. Long, late into the night meetings, grabbing a quick bite and then back into the decision making, brain-storming for new strategies, sales budgets, decisions, decisions, decisions. Up till the wee small hours, grab a quick nap, early start, back into the meeting. No time to play, work, work, grind, grind and more grind.)

Yes, it has all paid off 120 sales for the month of October. Our best ever month. Congratulations and a deserved ‘well done’ to all involved. A fantastic effort by Rebecca and Astrid and the telemarketing staff to produce all those leads that help the sales agents to do their thing. Thanks also to Rahna for keeping it all together for us.

Most feel that the change of profile to “CONTEMPORARY EXTERIORS” has proved to be a winner. Good market acceptance coupled with the stability of the market-place and a confident and positive attitude of the sales agents has seen many achieve excellent results during October. Thanks to all who contributed to this record breaking month.Remember, success breeds success, and we can all enjoy the benefits of working for the most successful exterior home improvement company in Australia.

December will see the long awaited release of the new PRESTIGE PLUS range of cladding products. With the exclusive new colours and concepts that are set to take theindustry and our prospective clients by storm we can look forward to a big bright 2005. Add to this our affiliation with the STEGBAR WINDOWS range and their large variety of window and door options, what tremendous strength this adds to our sales package.

The roof restoration division is progressively increasing sales volume and with the addition of the DULUX ACRA-TEX products will no doubt continue to build on the fine base set over the past few months. Look out Modern etc.Some new products and an exciting new finance package will be announced soon. Let’s all continue the good effort over the few weeks leading up to Christmas and years end and all come back in the new year refreshed and ready for action in 2005.


Yellow Pages -This month people living in the Sydney metro will receive the 2005 Yellow Pages. When they open the inside cover of their A-K book they will be impressed by the nation’s most progressive and prominent home improvement company Contemporary Exteriors. If you live in Sydney take a look at our Ad.What could be better than advertising on the inside cover of the Sydney Yellow Pages? If you live in Newcastle the answer’s obvious. Advertising on the inside cover of the Newcastle Yellow Pages, of course. We are proud to announce that Contemporary Exteriors have also booked the inside cover of next year’s Newcastle directory.
2UE - Have you heard our ad on 2UE? For almost 2 months now we’ve been advertising on 2UE during the John Law’s program as well as participating in a $10,000 home makeover giveaway that was broadcast throughout the Saturday morning gardening programs The 2UE Campaign is designed to develop brand awareness. It is our aim to become a household name. Contemporary Exteriors will be known as Australia’s foremost and most desirable external home renovation company. Turn your radios on and have a listen to the John Law’s program between 9 and 10am each morning to hear our Ad.


• Bob “Creepy” Crawley 15 contracts written in the roof restoration division.

• Stan “the” King 15 cladding sales.

• Ray Shina, John Murphy and Peter Lake all chipping in 10 deals

• Noel Benad also did well with 9 written contracts.



Meeting the ever increasing demand for modern colours and fresh styles Contemporary Exteriors has secured an exciting position in the market place. With the introduction of our Prestige Range of Cladding in December 2004, we can offer the discerning customer an exclusive product range never before seen in Australia. Through the development of Acrylic Capstock Technologies by Owens Corning a phenomenal advancement in colour steadfastness has been achieved. This technology, a world first, has revolutionised the cladding spectrum.

When you first see the Prestige board you will be impressed with the unique surface texture. Prestige avoids the often overstated woodgrain finish of other vinyl products in favour of a more subtle brushed effect. Next you will notice the new double strength nailing hem and the improved locking system. This is Posilok. (Posilok is a registered trademark of Owens Corning and is only available on Prestige Plus).
Next you will be astonished by the richest most vibrant colours ever available in any pre-coloured cladding product. Colours like Pacific Blue, Kasmir, Eucalypt and Silver Birch. Colours made possible only through the millions of dollars of research and development invested by Vytec and Owens Corning. You will be pleased to discover that Prestige comes in 8m lengths, and is available with or without the foil backing. (with foil it is referred to as Prestige Plus).

This is the most exciting development in the cladding industry since the introduction of profiled insulation by Young & Bracey in the mid 1990’s. Prestige and Prestige Plus are a ‘dream come true’ and are only available through Contemporary Exteriors. Contemporary Exteriors…bring you the worlds’ best!


The management of Contemporary Exteriors congratulates and welcomes the following new members to our team:

Leith McWilliams - Cladding Contractor
Kaz Kiejda - Sales Agent (NCL)
Frank Stih - Sales Agent (Syd)
Paul Amidy - Check Measurer
Sean Beamish - Sales Agent (Syd)
Ping Hu - Accountant

and all of our new telemarketing members. It is our sincere hope that you and your families prosper within our company.

Ping Hu


Business coach Steven Shapiro teaches that the goal of every business is to:

get and keep customers

The dilemma of our company is that we offer an exceptional product that correctly installed has required no return visit or future contact. Our happy customers have received a 50 year warranty on their cladding and unless they build an addition to their home rarely require our services again. A few customers have bought another home or built an addition and then called us back to help, but only a handful.

This phenomena has resulted in Contemporary Exteriors becoming extremely proficient in getting customers, then getting more, then getting another and another and another, but all of this getting expends incredible energy, resources and finances.

Q: How can we keep our customers buying from us, or recommending us?

We are answering this challenge with a three fold strategy:

1) Product and service expansion

We are expanding our products and service range so that we can return to many customers with a new offer again and again. Keeping our company on their mind. This strategy has brought on the introduction of services such as; roof restoration, ceiling insulation, rendering, roof ventilation, and now cement driveway resurfacing in some areas. The adding of products and services to our range will continue into the future as a part of our strategic growth plan.

2) Impress, impress, impress...

The second strategy to keep our customers is to impress them with our friendlier service, more professional performance and stronger corporate style. We aim to impress from the time of purchase, throughout the renovation period and long after the completion. This strategy includes our in house sales presentations, web site, customer information packs, thank-you cards, the appointing of a customer service manager to each job, sending them gifts and contacting them more regularly with special offers.

3) Customers Rewards Program

The third (and most exciting) strategy is the introduction of our exclusive Customer Rewards Program. New and existing Customers will be encouraged to participate in our program by providing referrals to Contemporary Exteriors in return for generous rewards.Every customer will receive a Customer Rewards Card in their contract folder. Customers who have purchased during the past 5 years will soon be sent a Rewards Card with a letter advising them of our new name.















You can request additional Customer Rewards Card
by calling
1800 333 397.




December marks the beginning of a new era for all Contemporary Exteriors tradesmen. As part of our commitment to the Continuing Education and Health and Safety of our tradesmen we are establishing quarterly training seminars which will be held in Parramatta and Newcastle.

These seminars are designed to develop and foster a stronger company culture, a safer workplace, a better skilled workforce and a more dynamic relationship between tradesmen and the company.
During these seminars we will discuss issues such as occupational health and safety, on-site challenges, customer relations, invoicing, ongoing development, tradesmen rewards programs, etc. We will be providing hands on help with issues that affect you.

Your participation is paramount to the continued growth and success of our company. We can not ignore our responsibilities and obligations towards one another and continuing development is the only way that we will grow together.
These seminars are extremely important and are considered compulsory. Failure to attend will necessitate disciplinary action. However, the focus needs to be kept on the positive aspects of growing and developing together.

One exciting initiative is the introduction of a Tradesmen Rewards Program that will honour tradesmen for their performance on the job, displayed competence, overall participation etc…


Branch Report…

The continued growth of Contemporary Exteriors is evidenced by the positive outlook for the Newcastle operation. The demand for our products and services has seen an increase in the Branch’s workforce, customer list and profit contribution.

While we have been widely regarded as the market leader in the cladding industry for many years, we are quickly cementing our reputation in other markets as well.
A prime example of this is the roof restoration market.

The roofing side of the business has been a large contributor to the growth of the branch, increasing market share significantly through the delivery of quality customer service and product delivery.

The addition of a check measurer / supervisor (George Morison) to the roofing division underlines the growth within the region and the company’s commitment to OH&S, quality control and customer service.

With the development of new regions such as the Central Coast, and the planned addition of associated products and services in the not to distant future, the Newcastle team are well placed to further enhance Contemporary Exteriors already established reputation as the market leader in all exterior home improvements.


A special thanks and congratulations go to telemarketers Joanne “let’s have” Epati and Ben Liyangama the “Performers of the Month” for September and October. The telemarketing team generated an outstanding 2031 leads for September through to November. Keep up the good work!

Telemarketing morning
shift - Parramatta